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Welcome to

God's Finishing School

(aka Spiritual Literacy training )

A program designed for Boys and Girls ages 11 to 18


It offers spiritual mini-courses that run weekly from January to December every year. Classes hold virtually once a week and participants can take one or as many courses based on their spiritual needs and schedule.


*Calendar subject to change

Quarter 1 Courses 

January 2022


February 2022


Social Media & my identity

Physical identity 

Spiritual identity

Mental identity

March 2022

Walking with God

Spiritual Focus

Mental Focus

Quarter 2 Courses

April 2022

Authority of a young believer

Believer's benefits in Christ 

May 2022

Consequences of pursuing ungodly fame

Danger in self-reliance

June 2022

Overcoming negative influence and its consequences

Making choices and avoiding bad decisions

Quarter 3 Courses

July 2022

Attitude - A ladder to greatness

August 2022


September 2022

Leadership and the Holy Spirit

Quarter 4 Courses

October 2022


November 2022



December 2022

Becoming an agent of change


About GFS

God's finishing school - GFS aims at complementing the secular education our tweens and teens are acquiring. Thereby giving them a solid foundation in life.

The mini-courses cover spiritual, mental, educational, relational, emotional and physical health all based on the Word of God and include the following:

  • Homework and practical application of lesson content.  

  • Liaison with participants in addition to the online classes

At the end of each mini-course, tweens and teens will be provoked to examine and develop these areas of their lives more deeply.

about GFS
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