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Millennial-parenting Radio presenter and esteemed keynote speaker, Nneka Ibukun Anyachebelu, often referred to as Teacher Nneka, is an ex-banker and the founder of Family Word Centre, a facility including a Children Bible School and a Christian Resort in Lekki, Lagos.

Teacher Nneka is a leader in spiritual parenting training. She has offered a variety programs that have impacted thousands of families. She runs a virtual children Bible School for ages 4-18, empowering children spiritually and positioning them for a purpose-driven life. Since 2005, the children Bible School has impacted thousands of children and youths, giving them the spiritual foundation needed to navigate today's complex world.

Teacher Nneka has been the lead facilitator of the DREAM program on work-life Integration and the manager of the Millennial Parenting Program for over a decade. A member of the Institute for National Transformation, she has facilitated several teaching and training courses in and outside of the Word Centre, and she has authored several books on spiritual parenting and family devotionals. She is married with children.

The Family Word Centre is a multi-purpose facility, a home of personal and group retreats. It includes a soul spa, Christian café, Christian Meditation Centre, Character Museum, Inspirational Walk of Fame, Prayer Rooms, Children Bible School and training workshops for adults and children on life and fulfillment . 


Her Mission

To teach and train Parents on how to Home-church and train their children Spiritually


 Assist busy parents in the spiritual and moral mentoring of their 21st century children.


To assist parents in rebuilding and restoring family traditions and Biblical values in the Family circle


To avail busy parents, practical impactful spiritual resources for their children’s spiritual development

Her Vision

To help parents see their role in the society more as nation builders and not just child bearers.


To re-build the broken bridge between today’s busy parents and their

busier millennium children .


To strengthen the Family circle, providing it with spiritual resources, making it a spiritual resource centre and hub for children in their formative years .


To see Parents building the children spiritually with the same zeal and measure they apply in secular things.


To see that Parents include teaching and studying the Word with their children, as part of their daily busy schedule.


To see families spend quality hours with children irrespective of secular commitments,engagements and distractions.

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