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Bible Based parenting, an arm of The Millennium parenting program, is a Christian faith based parenting program for parents who want to raise spiritually-sound Children. This training is ideal for churches and spiritually-minded organizations. 

The Bible based parenting program has been running within the millennial parenting training for over a decade and remains valid in every generation. It provides parents with not only the knowledge and skills to raise their children in accordance to Biblical teachings but also with tangible resources that have  been proven to leave impact on families. 


Our commitment 

With this program you won’t only raise morally sound children, but also raise a secular and a spiritual giant. 

Want to raise exceptional children? 

Bring this program to your church, group or gathering. 


For a more robust training package you can select a mix of the Millennium parenting training and the Bible Based parenting training, depending on the needs of your audience. 



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