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Virtual Children Bible School

for children ages 5 - 10

Study from the comfort of your home

Age-appropriate classes

Cultivate spiritual habits & discipline

2022 Theme:  Hearing  God

Apart from teaching children in Word 0 -2 the spiritual habits of prayer/fasting, structured daily Bible Reading and other practices, this year's theme will be focused on How to Hear God.
The goal is to train the children to hear God through the Bible stories. They will stop reading Bible stories just for information and entertainment but as leading and practical guides by God on how to live life daily. 

This years curriculum will be covering all practical life issues, core values, virtues and age-appropriate experiences as it relates to them. 

Included is a daily audio message on life lessons from each Bible character studied  each week 


*Calendar subject to change

Quarter 1 Courses 

January 2022


February 2022


March 2022

Cain and Abel


Quarter 2 Courses

April 2022

Seasonal teaching for Easter

God, Jesus & Holy Spirit

May 2022

Abraham, Isaac & Rebekah


June 2022

Jacob & Esau


Quarter 3 Courses

July 2022

Moses, Miriam, Aaron 

Amram & Jochebed 

August 2022

Joshua, Rahab & Achan

September 2022

Deborah, Barak & Gideon

Quarter 4 Courses

October 2022


November 2022

Ruth & Naomi


December 2022

Seasonal teaching for Christmas


The Wisemen

Shepherds & Angels

Mary & Joseph

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