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Copy my God-given strategy on how to use the holiday to raise Christian children despite the chaos in our world





 7pm - 9pm | Jul.12 - Jul.14, 2023

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Bless You.
I am Teacher Nneka

I have been working with families at the Family Word Centre for over 20 years.

Before starting Word Centre, I used to work in a financial institution. So, whether you will be at work or in your shop while your children are at home during the holiday, you will be travelling for summer with your family or anything in between, you have just found an ally who has walked that route before. 

Along with other holiday parenting tips, I will also guide you on how to teach your children how to be whom God made them to be in a world where the LGBTQ community is shouting daily. Simply register here

Read more about me here

In this 3-day Holiday Parenting course you will learn

Practical spiritual habits that will equip & empower you and your children for the

"New World Order"

How to teach and guard their hearts against the LGBTQ agenda using creative graphics and practical resources.

How to boost their confidence, teach them gender esteem and embrace their God-given identity

How to establish family habits and patterns that will work after the holiday 

How you and your spouse should prepare spiritually, mentally & emotionally for the holiday

How to maximise the holiday even if you not able to take time off work to be with them

Teacher Nneka, why am I paying so little for a 3-day training with such rich content and eternal value?
Is there a catch somewhere? I have attended your courses in the past and looking forward to this, but I am curious why is this just N3,400.00 ?

I am glad you asked. The urgency and importance of this training based on what is happening the world over can't be overemphasized. Examples abound where

  • We have children from Christian homes who are embracing the LGBTQ,  

  • Parents use the wrong methods to teach their children about LGBTQ

  • Those in countries where it is legalised don't know how to navigate this

  • Children have questions but Sunday school teachers shut them up

  • Parents are not able to take time off to be with their children during the holiday

  • and much more.....

Based on the relevance and urgency of this training, rather than giving access to only a few that can pay, I don't want a lack of money to prevent anyone from attending this training. I want to equip parents, guardians and all those in charge of children and young adults to use this holiday period to prepare their children for what is and what is to come.

So, you are only paying N1,133 for each day's training,  but if you want to pay more, please feel free to contact us.

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  • I attended Holiday Parenting last year do I still need this?
    If you have been attending our annual parenting course since 2007, you would have realised that we focus on different themes each year. The 2023 Holiday Parenting has a different theme, so you need to attend this
  • Parents of what age group should attend this training ?
    Conservatively, I will say from parents to children in the womb to parents of young adults that still listen to their parents. However, realistically all Christian parents and guardians should attend. We often have grandparents attending our parenting classes so they are equipped to teach their grandchildren
  • I paid N25,000 for your 2-day parenting course last year, why is this ridiculously cheap?
    I believe you are aware that the N25,000 you paid was a discounted rate. This year we are discounting it to the barest minimum to allow all parents to attend. The enemy is raging and we need to equip as many parents as possible to join us in the war. Based on the high inflation rate, we dont want lack of money to be an excuse to exclude anyone
  • Will there be replay if I miss any live session?
    Yes, there will be replay for all sessions either you missed or you attended the session. You will have access to all the sessions till July 31, 2023
  • My first child is 21 and in Univeristy in Canada, is this applicable?
    Apart from the teenagers and young adults I teach weekly, my biological children are in that age group and in school abroad. I will share what has worked during the training


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