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Here's a bit about Me

My name is Nneka Anyachebelu, and I am married to Revd. Uche Anyachebelu of the Anglican communion with a son and three daughters.

I worked in the financial industry for 13 years before stepping out to start the Family Word Centre, a ministry dedicated to children, parenting and creative ways of teaching and expressing God’s Word.

My goal is to help busy parents with the spiritual parenting of their children by teaching and providing practical resources for them. 

And for the children, my goal is to see all children come to the full knowledge of God through memorable encounters. This desire comes from my experience as a child. 

I met God at 8. But I didn’t just meet Him; I had an encounter. I disconnected from my spiritual life at 12, but I did not disconnect from the encounter.  It stayed with me all those years even when I strayed away so far from God.

I did not reconnect until I was 33. It was like walking back Home. I knew He never moved, I was the one that moved and it was easy to reconnect.


I speak nationally at conferences and churches on subjects related to Bible-based parenting in a secular world.

My talks wake parents up to the reality of the challenges their children are facing and will face. I empower them with an understanding of what they can do in response and motivate them with practical  steps and resources on how to nurture their children and teens spiritually.

To inquire about having me speak at your conference, church, or other event, please contact us on 08181953684 or

Through this blog I write short articles to help parents with the spiritual development of their children. Check in every Friday for tools that you can use to equip yourself and your children for the long walk of life.

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