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Family Word Center Virtual Summer Camps

The Family Word Centre is an organization that equips children with the spiritual and secular enrichment needed to succeed in life. Services include a weekly Bible school and an extensive offering of programs during school holidays.

We have been holding summer programs for children for over 15 years. In the midst of the pandemic, we're equipped to go virtual to continue our impact.

Below are the offerings for July. Programs for August will be posted in late July.

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Virtuous Young Woman and Modern Gentleman

girls2 virtuous.JPG


For: Boys and Girls

Age groups: 8-10, 11-13, 14-16

Plan to dedicate 5 hours daily for course work - 2-hour zoom season and 3-hour at home practicals

First Session: 13 - 17th July

Time: 10am - 12pm (Zoom Class) (WAT)


Second Session: 20th-24th July

Time: 12pm - 2pm (Zoom Class) (EST)

          5pm - 7pm (WAT)

Third Session: 27th - 31st July

Time: 10 am - 12 pm (Zoom Class) (WAT)


Usual Fee: N75,000

Covid-19 Discounted Fee: N20,000; ($100)

Class size is limited. Places are filled on a rolling basis.

Our Oldest and most popular course, the VYW and MG program is a one-week intensive training course for boys and girls. The curriculum is based on age, and participants will receive the appropriate videos and illustrations to aid them through the process.
virtuous walk.JPG

What the Course includes:


-Virginity a treasure to be guarded

-CRUSH!!!-  How to deal with it.

- Sexuality/Purity Session



Practical sessions

Kitchen etiquette

Home management

Basic house Keeping

- Basic Home hacks/skills

  • Creative housekeeping


Personal Organization

Body care


Peer pressure




How to develop a personal relationship with God.

Spiritual Discipline and Habits



Core Values

Practical Demonstration of Proverbs 31 Woman and Man of Valour

Official Crowning of Virtuous woman and Modern Gentleman 2020

Vacation Bible School


For: Boys and Girls

Age groups: 4-16 years

First Session: 13-17th  July 

Time: 5-6 pm (Zoom Class)

6-8 pm (At-home practicals)

Age: 7-16

Second Session: 20-24th July

Time: 10 - 11 am (Zoom Class) (WAT)

12-2 pm (At home practicals)

12-1 pm (Zoom Class) (EST)

Ages: 7-16

Second Session is open to Juniors 4-7 years

Time: 12-1 pm (Zoom Class)

1-2:30 pm (At-home practicals)

Third Session: 27-31st July

Time: 5-6 pm (Zoom Class)

6-8 pm (At-home practicals)

Ages: 7-16

Usual Fee: N25,000

Covid-19 Discounted Fee: N10,000; ($50)

vacation graduation.JPG



Personal Identification in Christ

Positive thinking

Character formation

Bible Based Life style

Intro to Spiritual practices/Discipline

Take Home videos are age based with age appropriate illustrations.

Graduation and Award ceremony

Chivalry Camp


For: Boys

Age groups: 7 -16 years

Date: TBD

Usual Fee: N25,000

Covid-19 Discounted Fee: N10,000; ($50)

One Week Intensive Training on Act of Chivalry 





Intro to spiritual habits

Social Media

Take-home Videos and project based on age

gentleman tea.JPG
God's Finishing School


For: Girls

Age groups: 15 and above

Date: TBD

Usual Fee: N75,000

Covid-19 Discounted Fee: N20,000; ($100)

girls1 virtuous.JPG

One Week Intensive Training on Womanhood



Values and Virtues

Spiritual Habits and Lifestyles

Relationships and Sexuality

Social Media


Embodying the Proverbs 31 Woman

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