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Spiritual Parenting Training Courses

Teacher Nneka hosts conferences, seminars, workshops and training sessions for parents on Bible-based parenting with specific training sessions for busy parents on how they can effectively teach their children the Word of God one-on-one with practical results.


As a parent you will learn Biblical practical tools of how to train a child, helping your child stay focused in Christ in today’s world.

With the Bible based parenting programs you are well equipped to give your children the solid start they need in life.

Teacher Nneka

The author of over 15 books, Teacher Nneka has offered moral and spiritual mentoring programs for children 4-18 years since 2005. She is also a leader in spiritual training programs for parents, guardians, and Sunday school teachers as well as a work-life balance trainer that guides employees through challenges of today's corporate world. An esteemed keynote speaker, she delivers interactive presentations  providing you with tools you can put to work immediately. 


Spiritual Parenting Training | Children Bible School | Corporate Training | Wellness Center

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0812 475 1734


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